What is a bike park?


A bike park is a piece of land specifically designed for off-road or mountain biking. Bike parks can be built in small urban areas areas, public lands or integrated with trail systems. A bike park may include skills courses, pump tracks, jumps, trails and features. With many design and budget options available, a bike park is an achievable project for all communities.


Bike parks provide family-friendly recreation. The need for safe, sustainable, progressive riding areas is growing with biking's popularity. With over 57 million people riding bikes in North America there is a great need for every community to have a space to enjoy riding opportunities.

The health benefits of riding bicycles is wide spread and well documented. From combating obesity and nature deficit disorder to strengthening the bonds of friends and family, biking has the power to transform communities. Bike parks and bike trails can be integrated into existing park systems, trail systems, planned communities, placed adjacent to skate sparks or used to re-purpose vacant land.