Cam's Ramp Collection

  • Launch Pad

    The Launch Pad is a staple of jump parks and is also a key feature for adding progression to a rider’s jump repertoire. The Launch Pad provides intermediate to expert riders with a dynamic...

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  • Roaster

    Developed with Cam McCaul, The Roaster is a 7.5ft tall jump lip with a compound, dual curvature that starts off at 20ft and blends into an 11ft radius. The Roaster is designed for advanced riders...

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  • Up Bank

    The Up Bank is an elevated wedge ramp that pays homage to its predecessor at the late Post Office in Aptos, CA. The Up Bank is a technical bike park feature situated between a jump lip and landing...

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  • Shark Fin

    The Shark Fin is part Launch Pad and part Curved Wallride. Introducing the Shark Fin into your park produces a contemporary riding experience where an advanced rider rides into the Shark Fin and...

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  • Double Bubble

    The Double Bubble is a beginner feature that is roll-able and jump-able making it a perfect introduction to progressing a riders jumping skills.

    • Bike Park, Skill & Trail Focus...
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Cam's Ramp Collection Bike Park Focus

Designed specifically by Cam McCaul, Cam’s Ramps showcase progressive pro rider designed bike ramp geometry. Taking cues from the late famed Post Office Jump and beyond - Cam’s Ramps set the standard in engineered progression.