Item #17


Developed with Cam McCaul, The Roaster is a 7.5ft tall jump lip with a compound, dual curvature that starts off at 20ft and blends into an 11ft radius. The Roaster is designed for advanced riders looking for a large lip with consistent pop and trajectory. 

  • Bike Park Focus
  • FlowForm Adjustable Leg System
  • Pre-Engineered Structural Steel Frame
  • Replaceable Riding Surface
  • Pro Rider Designed Geometry

Extra Large - Height: 7' 6" / Length: 12' / Width: 4'



  1. Footings
    1. Concrete Foundations
    2. Earth Anchor
    3. Timber Sill
  2. Frame Finish
    1. Stock & Custom Color Finishes Available
    2. Galvanized
  3. Riding Surface
    1. Rough-cut Western Red Cedar
    2. Pressure Treated Douglas-Fir
    3. HDPE Plastic Lumber

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