Satellite Collection

  • ON/OFF

    The On/Off satellite has a mellow cupped transition designed to optimize speed and set up an advanced rider for the next bike park feature in a trail. The On/Off is a perfect connector feature for...

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  • Rocker

    The Rocker is designed to be used in conjunction with our Lanch Pad and Roaster jump lips. The Rocker offers a tall entry landing and a tighter exit jump lip for a more advanced technical riding...

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  • Satellite

    The Satellite is an advanced feature where a rider launches into the satellite, pumps through the transition and launches back into the trail. The Satellite can be configured conventionally or...

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Satellite Collection Bike Park Focus

Satellites are a bike park feature where a rider commonly jumps onto the satellite and jumps off, providing a dynamic set-up ramp that provides either speed or air time.